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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  April 30, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> this dramatic video of the parent fire bombing of a medical marijuana club could be the key to finding the arsonist. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. the clinic may have been closed, everybody gone but it's electronic eyes were rolling. eric shows you now the incredible video of the fire bomb attack as it happened.
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>> reporter: it really is amazing. the owner said they don't know who could have done it but they think they were targeted. this is where broke through a window, threw in the fire bomb and it was caught on camera. two people fire bomb the clinic in santa cruz. in fact two more cameras inside the business recorded crystal clear images of the lobby of this local marijuana clinic. you can see those two people wearing hooded sweatshirts and bandanas look inside. then one starts hammering at a glass door while the other lights a large cocktail and throws it inside. >> believe what i was seeing. republican the owner and his partner were the first at the scene after getting a call from their alarm company. he said he used a garden hose to keep the fire from spreading into a second room where they
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keep much of the marijuana. whether the suspects knew these cameras why here or not they seemed not to and now the owners hope it'll help track down the people responsible. >> we just finished a remodel. we have dumped tons of money and to see it go up is devastating. >> reporter: now the owners of this place say they have about one thousand patients, some volunteered to help clean up the place, a local group is already putting up a 5,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and it just so happens on tuesday supervisors will vote on new possible regulations for pot clubs including where they can operate. we are live in santa cruz, ktvu channel 2news. >> new tonight at ten san francisco firefighters say a woman suffered life threatening injuries tonight when she was hit by a bus in the city's mission district. the accident happened at around
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6:45 this evening near 9th and mission street. the bus involved was part of the gold enargite transit fleet. the woman was apparently walking when she was truck but it's not clear how the accident happened. police say the bus driver is cooperating fully with the investigation. >> walnut creek police asking for the public's help to try to find a missing college student. according to the website the 19- year-old was reported missing monday after a friend found notes suggesting he was suicidal. police say he may have a hand gun. he is a student at sonoma state university. anyone with information about his where abouts is asked to call the police. vallejo police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 19-year-old man early today. it happened about 3:00 in val johan on taper avenue. investigators say the victim might have had a run in with the shooter or shooters at a gas station on fair grounds
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drive just prior to the attack. authorities haven't released the name of the victim. anyone with any information is asked to contact the police. >> help is coming into the southern united states where people at eight states have lost everybody in a series of killer tornadoes. as of tonight the death toll there stands at 349 with many more expected to be found in the rubble. at 10:30 we will have the story of a father and son who had no place to hide when a tornado hit their town. >> senator barbara boxer is talking about the president's call to end four billion dollars in tax breaks to oil companies and she said the companies need to do a better job filling domestic energy needs. >> we need to pressure oil refiners to step up and increase their production of refined gasoline and keep the gasoline here in the united states when it's found here in
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the united states. >> the senator made her comments at a los angeles exxon station. this week they reported a first quarter profit of $10 billion. this is the 69% increase from the year before. shell reported $6 billion in first quarter profits even as production dropped. that is 30% above the first quarter of 2010. >> fiery rhetoric at the kickoff of the democratic party convention. ken pritchett was in sacramento where democrats were working on 2012 >> reporter: it was the look of a full blown convention but in the off election year a different feel. >> i don't know if anybody is super excited, let's be real. a lot of people have lost their homes, people have lost their jobs. >> reporter: california democrats are riding high after increasing their majority in the legislature and winning every major state office in november. >> we didn't get here to have
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power, we got here to get the job done. >> reporter: senator feinstein was the key speaker. >> you need to start now to put together a campaign in this state that will reelect obama as the president of the united states. >> reporter: among the 3,000 state delegates there was concern. >> we have to start the fire again and get people together. >> reporter: in the off election year possible candidates jockey for position but one planning a state senate run said redistricting is complicating it. >> everybody who is there may be running against each other. it's creating a little bit of turmoil as well as angst. >> reporter: there are complications as well. the governor wants to be the main speaker but he just had a growth removed from his nose. the surgery was successful but he won't speak at convention.
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>> again as ken said the governor is not expected to attend the convention tomorrow. the governor had surgery to remove that growth from his nose. the office said he doesn't intend to attend any public events until the stitches are removed. >> a group of college republicans protested inside the sacramento hotel hosting the democratic convention. the group there you see them, some of them holding signs, they denounced the governor's proposal to extend tax increases to try to close the budget deficit. the protesters also called for pension reform. >> a nato air strike killed one of gadhafi's seven sons today and just missed the later and his wife. nato said the attack didn't target him but was aimed at his command and control center. >> reporter: this shows the
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aftermath of the bombing that killed gadhafi's son and his three grandsons. the death was announced on state television. >> the leader himself is in good health. , he wasn't hurt. >> reporter: this is the last video of gadhafi's son as he toured a hospital on april 1st. analysts say his death is unlikely to have a significant impact on the government's ability to function. unlike his older brother, seen here, he was not a member of the inner circle that ruled libya. today's air tribe came hours after a speech by gadhafi when he promised to fight for the death and then called for a cease fire. rebel leaders say they have no reason to take him at his word. >> at least we don't believe there is a solution that includes him or any member of his family. it is well past any
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discussions. the only solution is for him to depart. >> reporter: nato said it'll continue air strikes against the regime until all threats against civilians stop. libya military forces returned to bases and full access is granted inside the country. >> a massive paper spill on highway 101 causes a traffic headache in marin. why the chp said its pressing charges against the driver. >> charlie sheen brought his comedy tour to san francisco. how his show is doing more than raising
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. a manhunt underway in sonoma for a suspect in a stabbing. sheriff's deputies say it happened about 7:00 on santa rosa avenue just outside the city limits. investigate ears say two men were riding in a car when the passenger for some reason stabbed the driver. you can see authorities looking for a suspect and there is the suspect's vehicle. the car crashed, the attacker ran away, the victim is a 51- year-old man who is in the hospital. there is no word on in this condition. authorities as you can see used a helicopter to search for the suspect but so far that person is still at large. >> charlie sheen's show is
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raising eyebrows and money for an injured giant's fan. the troubled actor who was dismissed from the show two and a half men is preforming tonight at the masonic auditorium. he said he will donate money to the brian stowe fund. there have been no arrests in that case. stowe remains in the hospital. doctors are trying for a third time to bring him out of a coma. the last two attempts ended when he had seizures. his condition is stable but he suffered brain damage and doctors aren't speculating on his chances for recovering. >> it's easy to put drug abusers in categories but there is a lot that happens in front of the family medicine cabinet. >> reporter: just about
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everybody has them, expired or unused drugs in the home. >> i have been trying for a couple years to give back drugs that a friend of mine left behind for me two years ago when he died of cancer. >> reporter: the dea held the second national prescription dug take back day. >> people abuse pharmacy drugs more than cocaine, and heroin combined. >> reporter: the collections happened at oakland police head quarters and the walnut creek police department. >> in all 5300 sites across the country also aimed at protecting the environment. >> put them in the trash or down the toilet it hurts the environment or someone can get them. >> reporter: the toilet eventually leads to the bay. >> it's important to save the bay, to save the wildlife, the wildlife were here first. >> reporter: if you didn't make
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it to a drop off location many police agencies around the bay area have permanent spots to bring your medication year round. >> i was not aware, i am now. that's very good to know. >> reporter: the dea collected 121-tons at the first event last year. legislation is penting to make it a permanent effort. >> a new way of dealing out justice is set to start monday in san francisco. that's when community courts will open in the mission and bayview neighborhoods. the idea is to have those side for quality of life crimes like panhandling or drunk in public to go before a panel of residents in the neighborhood where it happened. the volunteer court would sentence the accused to community service, there would be no jail time. san francisco's da said this will free up resources to prosecute serious crimes. >> traffic will be slow around
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the transbay terminal tomorrow in san francisco. demolition of the terminal is taking place all weekend. last night jackhammers and heavy machines went to work to pick apart the concrete. drivers are warned to avoid the area because harrison is close from first to second. the road will reopen on monday morning in time for work. there is word tonight more than a hundred north bay elementary students will be without a ride to school after the school board voted to cut bus service. the school board took the action to help close a 350,000- dollar budget gap. that will leave 110 students from marin without a bus ride to school in the fall. the board president suggested parents can help by carpooling or even creating a community walk. . >> it was a lesson in money management for soon to be high
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school grads. a financial empowerment workshop. students heard from financial crime expects about how to protect their identity. >> one out of four people are victims of identify theft. the common thing we use is it's easier to rob a bank with a credit card than with a gun. >> police say young people are easy prey for identity theft because they don't have longstanding credit histories that can tip off banks when a credit card is stolen. >> engineers working late to see if the shuttle will be ready to fly monday. it was delayed with a problem on the shuttle. if it's fixed quickly gabreille giffords expected to stay in florida to watch the launch of the mission commanded by her husband. if the problem is not fixed the
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shuttle could be delayed until next sunday. >> closer to saint hood. thousands gather for the beatification of pope john paul the second. >> the president takes a comedy turn, who the commander in chief took aim at tonight.
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. a state bill allowing cities and counties to opt out of a controversy immigration program is making its way through the legislature. under the secure communities program the federal government is able to check the immigration status of those arrested in participating communities. this week the public safety committee approved a measure to
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allow local governments to opt out of that program. critic supporters applaud it saying it provides important information at no cost to local agencies. >> in news of the world tonight, in syria this video shows troops opening fire on protesters, though it's not clear when if was taken. at least four protesters were killed when government troops stormed a mosqu. human rights groups say the death toll is 535 since the protests started six weeks ago. in japan tens of thousands are giving up a week long holiday to volunteer in the clean up. citizens removing mud and debris with a focus on items with possibly toxic materials. many of them are spending hundreds of dollars to pay for their own travel and lodging.
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in vatican city catholics gathers for tomorrows ceremony for pope john paul the second. the pope has waived the normal waiting period which is the final step before declaring somebody a saint. a day long mass and prayers will be held beside the former pope's coffin. >> hundreds of employees hit the streets of washington to highlight the millions of people around the world who struggle to get access to clean water. lack of access to clean water leads to the death of four thousand children a day. many place around the world it falls to women to walk hours a day to bring water to their homes. yesterday they held a walk to raise awareness about this problem. >> there are almost a billion people that lack access to water and 1.7 billion that lack
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sanitation facilities, that have no toilet, no way to wash their hands. >> according to the world health organization 884 million people in the world do not have access to safe water. if you are one of those eyeing the dress kate wore as she married the prince you are in luck. designers around the world are working to get copies of the gown out and on the rack. if the dress isn't enough come monday night word is those who shop by television will be able to buy earrings inspired by the ones worn by the newly minted dutchess of cambridge. >> tonight the a listers made their way to the correspondent's dinner but many of the jokes weren't aimed at the president as is traditional but instead j abs at donald
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trump. he ran a clip from the movie the lion king talking about the birth of the royal lion cub and said it was his official birth movie. then seth myers came to the stage and continued to skewer trump. >> he has been saying he will run for president as a republican which surprising since i assumed he was running as a joke. >> as you can see trump sat there rather stone faced during the event. he attended as a guest of the washington post. >> you probably don't want your personal financial information where others can see it. that includes spread across a freeway. that's where loads of documents ended up today and it caused a mess. deborah is in marin live tonight. >> reporter: most of its been picked up but there is still
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random pieces of paper floating around like this one, part of a tax return. this video shows the strange spectacle. paper, 90 boxes of documents coating the freeway and shoulder along the civic center. they were on a trailer that got a flat tire and off they bounced. a strange sight that caused a traffic jam as drivers showed to stair. >> it looked like a snowstorm. people were out trying to pick it up which we don't advise. it's dangerous. >> reporter: driver was rear ending each other in to the evening. more caltrans it was a slow clean up because most of the paper couldn't be scooped or swept, it had to be picked up by hand. >> probably the worst i have been on in 20 years with caltrans. that's one of those thing that happens. if you don't clean up now the wind blow itself all over.
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>> reporter: personal documents, checks and bank statements, court filings, even tax forms with social security numbers. the chp isn't sure where they were going. the driver who got the flat was cited for an unsecured load and not having a driver's license. attention turns next to his employer. >> any time we have vehicles on the road for hire that are involved in a commerce on the highway we have to investigate to make sure they are in compliance. obviously the driver wasn't licensed. >> reporter: the company responsible, baker moving may face charges, may get a clean up bill and may have to face clients whose private information was spilled on the ground for everybody to see. reporting live. >> a heart breaking story of survival and loss in tennessee. a father and son found alive after hiding -- having no place to hide when a tornado hit. >> more than 3,000 volunteers
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. the death toll from a series of killer storms that devastated eight southern states stands at 349 tonight. the week of storms were the worst to hit the united states since 1925. susan reports from tennessee where a tornado showed little merc >> i was on the couch watching tv and my neighbor called me and he told me that it's coming, get out of the trailer, it's coming. we kind of walked out and i heard it coming. we took off running, i said
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tanner, i guess safest place is over in that ditch. that's the only thing i could think of and my son, we had to save >> reporter: you ran here, where? >> mailbox. lying right there. >> we were hugging each other and lying face down. a tree fell on us and the wind pulled it off and i looked up and saw everything. >> we went up here on the hill to try to find my nephew. they was gone. i knew it, i knew they was gone. they found his body back over here in the field and adam down here by the railroad track. brenda back over by where the car is and her mother right down here in this ditch right here. >> that was susan reporting. if you want to help folks who are going through this you can contribute directly to the red
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cross or other organizations that are helping. >> a federal judge has decided it's better take sacrifice crop land than a small city as floods threaten parts of the midwest. the army corp of engineers will destroy a leyy along the mississippi river. it's hoped it'll keep flood waters hurting a town, population 2800. it would affect 100,000 acres of farmland and likely destroy 230 people's homes. no action has been taken as engineers watch the rising waters and weather reports of more rain. >> prosecutors say they won't seek the death penalty against a man charged with strangelling a hospital worker. a patient at the state facility is a accused of killing a tech last october. the da's office said it'll pursue a life sentence without
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the possibility of parole. a preliminary hearing is set for monday. senate city of livermore is encouraging photographers to make a permanent record of a first ever event for the city. the bike tour will pass through on its way to san jose. the city is holding a bike race photograph contest to mark the occasion. there will be two entry levels, one for those under 18 and 18 and one for adults. >> 3,000 volunteers on the penninsula all with one goal, alliee plains the massive effort across the bay area and the country. >> reporter: taping, scraping and painting. volunteers started building a new lounge at the penninsula family service center. once it's done the 150 who come here will have a place to socialize. >> do they know it's happening?
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>> no it's a surprise. >> reporter: the supplies and labor are donated by locate allege businesses. >> what we are looking at probably 20 to $25,000 worth of value that we are going to give to the community center. >> reporter: this is just one of more than 70 construction projects happening across the penninsula today. it's all part of national rebuilding day. it's coordinated by a nonprofit group called rebuilding together. there are more than three thousand projects nationwide. >> to rehab residences and communities better so people get value and be able to enjoy the services. >> reporter: for this project in redwood volunteers landscaped the grounds and skilled. >> they are painting the area, all new carpeting. it's priceless because there is no way that given the budget situation that we are in that we could do even a fraction of this kind of work. >> reporter: the volunteers say it doesn't really feel like
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work. >> it's a great cause and chance to give back. >> reporter: and a chance for people in the community to appreciate and enjoy the results. in redwood, ktvu channel 2news. >> small army of volunteers led by the police department work on a park today, about 600 volunteers helped paint and redo the wade johnson park on union street. the park also got a huge new play structure. the police chief said the neighborhood struggles with drug traffic and violence. >> a lot of kids around here, there is not safe places for them to play. building this youth center in the shadow of our police headquarters creates a fun, safe environment for kids. >> he said in addition to the parks the site will have a community library and a summer program. >> we are families.
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>> a young bay area boy who has made it his mission to help others, finally gets to meet the family who helped him. we are there for the emotional reunion. >> and ma
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for cleaner air and your right to breathe it. for those who want to quit smoking and for those who need them to. we're fighting for clear skies over every city and healthy lungs throughout the country. the american lung association isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at . a young bay area boy once on the edge of death is a live today because of a painful decision. mike brings us the emotional reunion between two families forever bonded. >> reporter: on this day strangers cook for strangers. >> just keep doing what i'm doing, serving and it feels great. >> reporter: mickey needed a
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liver in 2008 and he got it, in return he said he wanted to feed the homeless every month and now he is. on this saturday mikey's meal is bringing to the eyes of a young family whose son lives in the 14-year-old boy. >> i'm happy. >> reporter: her son is johnny hernandez, killed in 2008 in a motorcycle accident, his liver now in mikey. >> i feel a big sense of vonnie's spirit in mikey. >> reporter: for the first time since johnny's death his father met y who was savored by his son. >> i can't find the worded to describe mikey because he is such a special person, full of compassion and just wanting to give back and showing his appreciation for the gift of life through my son. >> reporter: today the family
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helped mikey serve the less fortunate, the reunion only possible because of a donation drive. >> it's really touching the heart and the drive they have to help those that are less fortunate. >> i know he will make me proud, johnny would feel the same way. >> reporter: johnny hernandez forever alive in mikey. in oakland. ktvu channel 2news. >> this is a forecast you might have been waiting for with temperatures today already warming up and you might be surprised when you see the numbers in the five-day. we have mostly clear skies, still a bit of a breeze out there. the winds backing off tomorrow but still mostly clear conditions over a good portion of the state and the bay area. wind speeds ten to 20. we have a wind gust right around 26 miles an hour. first thing on the cool side
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tomorrow. napa41, san francisco 50 and san jose 48. tomorrow opening day on the bay for san francisco bay and we have great weather out there, in fact you can see the timeline throughout the day. at 9:00 56 degrees, winds out of the north. then up at 12:00 and around 3:00 out around -- temperatures in the 60 a to lower 70s. the big picture, high pressure continues to strengthen and this process has been developing. tomorrow still plenty of sun, most areas up three to six degrees from today's highs, monday one weak system moves in from the north. it'll cool off the temperatures a little but by tuesday and wednesday temperatures spring back up. wednesday the warmest day of the week and that's when a few neighborhoods inland could be around the 90-degree mark. first thing tomorrow it'll be chilly, 30s and the 40s.
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put it motion in the afternoon and you can see the temperature range from the upper 60's coast side, 70s and 80s. 7:00 tomorrow, mid40s to the mid50s. by 12:00, lower 60s to lower 70s and by three we will call it warm. allergies will be an issue, it's that time of year and at least over the next few days we will sneeze a bit more. santa rosa forecast high of 81 degrees, you can see oakland in the upper 70's and look at the lower 80s. san jose around 78. san francisco 74 degrees. here is a look ahead. the five-day forecast, i don't have any rain clouds to show you. temperatures cooling off a little bit, just a few high clouds on monday but then the atmosphere just like a spring and the temperatures will spring back up by tuesday and wednesday and by midweek it'll
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feel strange around here with the upper 70s for the beaches and the inland spots around 90 degrees. >> you got the shore. >> thank you. >> we aired a documentary that takes a look at a first of it's kind monument. it's called remember them, champions for humanity and features 25 world figures who dedicated their lives to helping others. when it is done it'll be 52 feet wide, it's made of 60,000 pounds of bronze and is ten years in the making. if you missed the show don't worry, the documentary airs four more times throughout may on ktvu and kicutv36. for more on the show including the artist's vision and how to donate you can visit and click on the tab. coming up next, the giants -- a giant's star on the dl. >> and the sharks continue to
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ride high after their win last
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. good evening. thank you for joining our saturday night edition of sport wrap. the giants redefining the term winning ugly in washington dc. san francisco became the first team in 56 years to give up 12 or more free passes and still give up just one run. jonathan sanchez walked or hit seven of the first ten washington batters he faced. second inning he hits desmond and loads the bases. that lets rick to put the
12:15 am
nationals on the board with a soft blooper out of the reach of mike fontano but that was the only run they could muster. sanchez left after five. giants tie it in the third, catcher -- whiteside, deep, a solo home run off john lannen. huff is batting just 202 but huff enters as a pinch hitter and he walks the bases and the -- leading run in. giants lead 2-1. wilson walking two, hits another and loads the bases. 3-2 count, giants win, 2-1. wilson with his extra tip deleted. nationals just two hits but 12 free passes. giants finish the first month with a 13-13 record.
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the offense is still sputtering and san francisco just lost sandoval. he broke a bone in his right wrist. now he is expected to miss four to six weeks. he is hitting 313 with five home runs and 14rbi. tejada played first base and they called up someone from fresno? . the rangers flexed their muscles. for a while they managed to stay close. you want to pop up -- i give away goodies. more than 27,000 fans made it for ricky henderson bobblehead day. he throws to cr isp and then lewis throws the same pitch. curt putting it in the seats. returns to build the second homer of the year. it's tied. , the first homer to michael young. young with his first of the season a two run drop that
12:17 am
gives texas the lead. lewis lets six hits through five. the solo homer in the 4th. willingham four homers and he lead was 15 runs but first place texas getting the homer from napoli and then cruz foam following with the sky high three run shot. texas gets 14 hits and includes three homers. a's also helped by committing their 25th error in their 26th game. don't forget the bobblehead doll. san jose sharks will do something tomorrow they haven't done all season, play hockey at noon. it doesn't sound like they are that happy but at least they lead 1-0 in the semi-final playoff series. last night ray celebrated his 24th birthday by playing in his first playoff game and he just happens to score the game winning goal at seven minutes in to the overtime period. that's a great birthday gift.
12:18 am
now game two starts tomorrow at noon at shark tank. >> mixed reviews on the afternoon game throughs your routine off but it's not very hard to get up to these kind of games, don't love it but we will be ready to play. >> at times guys wish we would play more, you get to the playoffs and you see them all the sudden. >> we are at the rank, you don't even notice the time. you look at the clock but don't realize. once you start, it's just another hockey game and they don't want to go down 0-2 and go back to the building. we will be ready for it. >> tonight nationals -- tied the game with 60 seconds left in regulation. then with 5:09 left, check out number 24, he shoots over one defender and passed the goalie for the winner. predators win, that series is
12:19 am
now tied. boston scores seven goals, bruins with the lead in that. when we come back two sprint cup drivers add another chapter to the road rage saga
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. i can't remember the last time the raiders introduced their draft picks this early in the selection process but the change is refreshing. four of the top five draft picks visited the training facility today. new head coach never stopped smiling. oakland's top pick took center stage.
12:23 am
he could be the raiders center for the next decade ask comes from good stock. his father played in the nfl and his uncle was an eight time probowl center during his 13 seasons with the raiders. despite growing up in pennsylvania he has deep raider roots. >> i would always say my favorite color was silver and black and i have pictures wearing oakland stuff as a baby. it just feels right that i'm wearing silver and black now. >> raiders selected tyjuan jones. is he from deer valley high. then he took his talent to eastern washington university. he ran the fastest 40 in this year's combine. >> i know -- davis, like guys with speed and that's what i have to offer and -- you know
12:24 am
how to pick the guys who know how to use the speed. >> the term is instinct when they talk about your running style. do you agree? >> yes. definitely. when i'm out there i try not to think to much and just let my ability that i have been blessed with, take it from there. >> so despite not having a first round pick they add quality and depth. joseph bar ksdale in the 4th round. then three more pass catchers, moore, gordon and asbury so they select six offensive and two defensive. the niners drafted ten, five on defense and five on offense and that includes a quarterback who drove 100 miles last night to make his first presbyterian conference. he rode with his parents for the chance to hold up the
12:25 am
jersey. they traded three picks to denver to move up in the draft. his passing and running numbers are off the charts but he plays in a wide open pistol offense and now must learn the west coast offense. >> i think i will come in and just work as hard as i can and try to compete for that starting spot. when it comes down to it that will be the coach's decision whether he feels i'm ready and the best quarterback for that. for me i will just try to do my part and work hard. >> 49er fans it appearance more and more likely that alex smith will return to the niners. he is unrestricted free agent and lock out prevents the teams from signing players but yesterday he and the coach had a long talk. and the coach has always praised defended him. >> everything we have said
12:26 am
from the very beginning you know we want to get the best players on the roster that we can and then throw out the balls and let them compete. alex has the ability and the license to be the starting quarterback. we believe in competition, we believe in earning poss around here. >> the niners picked smith in the first round and then -- then hunter and kilgore, also johnson from the usc, jones, miller, person. now if you think gas is expensive for you think of how much it costs to keep a race car on the road. tonight in richmond kyle busch managed to save just enough to beat his own teammate. the big crash in this oval came on lap 301. jeff gordon in the wrong place
12:27 am
and he goes hard in to the wall. gordon finished 39th place tonight. the toyotas finished 1, 2, 3 and with 84 laps to go kyle busch passes burton and takes the flag on fumes. kyle holds off the begin's racing teammate to win this event for the third straight year. soccer news the quakes keep falling from grace. they get shut out in philadelphia, remain in last place in the western conference. bay area mma fighter steve shields had his 15 match win streak snapped tonight. he lot of the decision to george saint pier and that's sports. giants win; a's loose but tomorrow sharks did not to march toward the stanley cup. >> go sharks. u. you bet. >> that is the report for tonight. be sure to join us at 7:00 a.m. we will have the latest on the
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bus accident in san francisco. >> and the coverage continues online all the time at
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